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Enchanted Cave In Bolinao (Pangasinan)

LennyThroughParadise: 2017-10-06 16:31:26

The Enchanted Cave

The main object for my second day here in Pangasinan was the great attraction the nearby Municipality of Bolinao had to offer: The Enchanted Cave.

the entrance and stairways down to the enchanted cave in bolinao pangasinan philippines

Going to Bolinao

I still was the only guest at the little bed and breakfast resort I was staying at called Olana Resort. There were two staff members (a couple with a baby) and the owner's wife. The male half of the couple actually offered to assist and come with me to the Enchanted Cave, and I said yes.

lenny through paradise and filipino boy with a net of caught frogs
This is Reynold, my day tripping partner for the day.

It was a one and a half hour bus ride to Bolinao and when we got there it was raining a little bit; we decided to visit the old Bolinao Church first for a little bit.

lenny through paradise in front of the old church of bolinao in pangasinan philippines
The old Bolinao Church.

The church was about 400 years old, originally instated by the Spanish colonists. It's always so readily apparent inside and outside the Philippines' churches that the Spanish were very successful spreading the religion: almost all Filipinos are greatly devoted to Christianity (mostly Catholicism). We just roamed around a little bit, I blogged, and then we went out to have some lunch at a nearby eatery.

lenny through paradise in front of entrance porch of the old bolinao church in pangasinan philippines
christianity scene with horse at old bolinao church in pangasinan philippines
Some scenes around the church, there were a bunch of them.
lenny through paradise lighting candles in prayer chapel at bolinao church pangasinan philippines
I got a few candles as a gift that I ended up lighting at the prayer chapel.

Enchanted Cave

My day tripping friend Reynold already arranged a tricycle for me before I finished my lunched, and off we went towards the Enchanted Cave.

When we arrived there was a parking place and a well-maintained land entrance point with a big sign, and a cool scale model of the Enchanted Cave Park itself. There were also monkeys on chains climbing and playing in the trees. It was well-kept, so before we even paid the entrance fee (150 PHP) and went inside the park, the sceneries were already quite enchanting.

lenny through paradise with big letters of the white sign of enchanted cave bolinao pangasinan philippines
Big letters of the Enchanted Cave sign before the entrance of the park.
scale model miniature of enchanted cave park in bolinao pangasinan philippines
A scale model of the Enchanted Cave park right after the nearby entrance.
monkey in trees at enchanted cave park in bolinao pangasinan philippines
There were monkeys in the trees.

The park itself is really nice, and very enchanting to walk through and take lots of pictures! It is like the textbook example of a picturesque place. Also there weren't too many guests, and all of Pangasinan (except for 100 Islands) doesn't seem to be overly touristic at all.

lennythroughparadise on a little bridge in the enchanted cave park in bolinao pangasinan philippines

After we discovered the park, which was quite worth the 150 PHP (it's really nice); we had the opportunity to take a long pathway of stairs towards the top of a hill, where a big white cross was waiting for us.

big white cross at the top of the hill at enchanted cave park in bolinao pangasinan philippines

It cost another 50 PHP a head to go up there, but we took the opportunity to climb on top of the holy cross. From up there we could see the Bolinao lighthouse, as well as a broad scenic view over the South China Sea.

lennythroughparadise with filipino guy in pangasinan philippines
a view over the south china sea in pangasinan philippines with lush green trees
It was clouded. The lighthouse was very far. The South China Sea was close nearby.

It was time to go the actual Enchanted Cave, since it was almost closing time for the cave (5:30PM). When we got there, unfortunately there were many people still in the cave, so we waited for a bit. We were lucky in the end: we had about 10-15 minutes before closing time, the whole cave for ourselves, because the group had left ultimately.

inside the enchanted cave and group of filipinos having fun and taking pictures in bolinao pangasinan philippines

The water in the cave is amazing to swim in, and crystal clear. It's really amazing when you have the luck to have it for you alone, or for yourself and your partner. If you're with your lover it's a very romantic experience, and you can swim all the way to the back where you can have some actual private time (there's a cave keeper in the front of the cave). I do actually think that going in just before closing time is the way to go, if you want some secluded time for yourself and/or your partner.

lenny through paradise swimming in the enchanted cave with thumbs up
The Enchanted Cave in Bolinao is amazing to swim in; highly recommended!
clean picture of enchanted cave with crystal clear water in bolinao pangasinan philippines
The cave goes further a little bit there in the back so you could have some private time an space if you'd prefer so.

The Enchanted Cave is really highly recommend when in the neighborhood of Bolinao! And I urge you to watch the vlog I made from my experience to get a better view of how nice it really is to do this activity.

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