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A Walk Through A Typical Barangay (Pangasinan)

LennyThroughParadise: 2017-11-28 14:26:33

A Walk Through A Typical Barangay (how the Filipinos live their daily lives)

During my stay in Olana Resort here in Pangasinan province, I chose to go for an early morning run every now and then. I took me through a near village called barangay Laois. I wanted to make a vlog today but ominous clouds afar near Bolinao prevented me going there to shoot one. I decided to walk through barangay Laois to film how the Filipinos live.

Before entering the village I got welcomed by smiling children who giggled upon seeing a foreigner like me. Many children deep into the province have never seen a white man before.

shy filipino boys smiling to foreigner in a typical barangay in the philippines
filipino man sleeping on top of his tricycle  in a typical barangay in the philippines
filipino woman washing clothes outside in a typical barangay in the philippines

A guy sleeping on top of his tricycle; a woman cooking and doing the laundry outside. It was interesting seeing Filipinos live their daily lives as I entered the village. They weren't hostile at all and allowed me to film them, many smiling and greeting me along the way.

filipino family eating in alley in typical barangay in the philippines
The Filipinos were far from hostile as I walked through the neighborhood filming them.
filipino farmers harvesting rice in the philippines
filipino farmers harvesting rice in the philippines

It was a rural area and a bunch of men were working on the fields, harvesting rice and things like that. Many animals including dogs were part of the sceneries and I filmed everything providing me interesting footage for the vlog I was making. I ended up the day ordering a Sprite at a local sari-sari store for just 8 PHP (0.16 USD).

lenny through paradise receiving money at typical sari-sari store in the philippines
lennythroughparadise with sprite pointing out the price he paid for it
I'm dutch but I bet for anyone this is a nice price to pay for a Sprite.
filipino boys chasing chicken on farm land in philippines
Filipino boys chasing a chicken...
filipino boys with chicken on farmland in the philippines
And they got it.

The walk through Barangay Laois had made me feel so relaxed. The laidback atmosphere of how the Filipinos live in their village turned out to be transmittable. I went to Sual and had myself a nice boneless bangus meal at a restaurant overlooking the water.

filipino boy on boat in sual pangasinan philippines
A nice view over the water from my restaurant.
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