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Hiking Taal Volcano (Batangas)

LennyThroughParadise: 2017-03-29 14:18:42

Taal Volcano

We went to Taal, Batangas, to go on a hike on Volcano Island, leading up to the Taal Crater: the wonderful Taal Volcano.

Lenny through paradise overlooking taal volcano, batangas, philippines

50 Minute Hike towards Taal Crater

We stayed at the Club Balai Isabel Resort which was just a 20 minute boat ride from Volcano Island, where the beautiful Taal Crater is located. There at the foot of the island, which quite resembles a mountain, one can either choose to hike up the volcano by foot, or by horse. We're not so lazy so we would be enjoying an actual hike towards the crater.

horses hiking up the volcano island towards taal volcano
You can choose to go up to the crater by horse.

Ofcourse a 50 minute hike in the heat of the Philippine summer is no picnic, and I understood why some people might decide to take a horse while we were arriving at the top of the volcano.

Tagaytay Ridge

It immediately was a great site to be right there at the top of the volcano. Even though there were already a bunch of tourists there at the Tagaytay Ridge; the beauty and serenity of the Taal Crater Lake beneath us made it so that it was still quite a nice and rustic experience for us, up there on top.

Tagaytay ridge seen from above
The Tagaytay Ridge seen from above with the hiking trail leading up to it.

Drone Flight over Taal Crater

As said, it seemed quite touristic up there with a bunch of sellers and even people offering golf clubs and balls; for people to shoot some balls into the Crater Lake Taal. Not sure what I think of that but I believe golf is fun, I'd rather do it on a golf course though.

Anyway, we sure found the time and space to chill, take some nice pictures, and even fly the drone we brought:

We crashed the drone into the cliffside of Taal Crater but luckily 1 of the guides was nice enough to get the drone from there.


All in all being up there was a great experience: you will have enough time to chill, drink a cold beer, and take Instagram pictures of a lifetime.

Thumbs up for the taal crater at volcano island, taal volcano

Interested in more information about the Taal Volcano? Visit this article.

Would you like to see the vlog I made about our hike towards Taal Volcano? Click here.

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