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The Pagsanjan Falls In Laguna

LennyThroughParadise: 2017-04-27 16:46:17

Pagsanjan Falls

There are several beautiful falls to be visited in the Province of Laguna, and most of them are located around the city of Santa Cruz.

The pagsanjan falls waterfall philippines laguna

We got into a fight

The bus ride from Manila took only a few hours and as usual; when we got out, we had to find a tricycle to get to a hotel. At some point (when the driver took us somewhere where there was no hotel and we had to walk up a mountain cause the tricycle didn't have the power to drive us up there), Melody and I got into a fight.

We did ultimately find an appropriate hotel but Melody left shortly after we arrived. I had to make the vlog alone.

First I had to find a cool waterfall to blog about and I quickly found out that the hotel itself offered a boat ride to the Pagsanjan waterfall. This was basically a private canoe ride where I paid about 2100 PHP for ($42).

lennythroughparadise waiting for a boatride to pagsanjan falls laguna philippines

Rocky canoe ride

Initially the canoe got pulled forward by a motorboat which made it quite a relaxing and smooth ride; but soon the river got quite rocky, and the boatmen had to get me going forward by paddles.

motorboat pulls canoe forward to pagsanjan falls laguna philippines
paddling a canoe towards pagsanjan falls laguna philippines

Soon after we passed civilization, I was floating through beautiful nature. The river was surrounded by really high cliffs with lots of greens and beautiful rocks; you would have to watch the vlog to see what I'm talking about.

canoe ride through beautiful nature towards pagsanjan falls through the paradise of laguna philippines

At times it was quite a challenge for the boatmen to get me over these rocks, but they were pretty skilled and worked really hard for it. They noticed I was impressed with their work, and asked for a tip even before we arrived at the falls.

boatmen pusing canoe through river stream upwards to the pagsanjan falls laguna philippines

Then again, they did deserve it, and I'd say watch the vlog to see how they were pushing the boat forward with their bare hands and feet.

boatmen pusing canoe through river stream upwards to the pagsanjan falls laguna philippines

Going inside the Pagsanjan falls

After the challenging journey upwards the stream of the river, we finally arrived at the Pagsanjan falls. It was quite a powerful waterfall and there were wooden rafts available to bring you inside of it.

the pagsanjan waterfall in laguna philippines with wooden rafts available to take you into the pagsanjan falls

I did take that opportunity, and I took my GoPro with me. I shot awesome footage of it which I worked into my vlog.

lennythroughparadise inside the pagsanjan falls waterfall laguna philippines
Click image to go to vlog.

This is a written version of a waterfall experience where just reading the blog doesn't do justice, you would have to watch the vlog as well. Please enjoy, I personally think it's a real great one.

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