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Rainy Days In Baguio City: Going To BenCab Museum (Benguet)

LennyThroughParadise: 2017-08-03 09:52:27

Rainy Days Baguio City

Well, there was a typhoon going over in the north of the Philippines, and I was running out of footage for my vlogging upload schedule. So we went north to Baguio City and found it was raining there as well…

Baguio City Philippines from above drone shot with a cloudy rainy horizon.
It was raining in Baguio City too.

Indoor stuff

I'm not sure why we decided upon Baguio City, but it's probably cause we thought there should be more indoor stuff to do there than at say, some beach destination.

We arrived way before checkin time so we had lots of hours to spend before even getting to our hotel room. And hey we found a really great deal to be honest through Agoda, it was like a 24 USD a night room in a 3 star hotel (Eurotel Baguio) with breakfast so that was pretty decent.

But yes we were stranded in Baguio City and since it was suddenly dry we decided to go to Baguio's main city park, Burnham Park. I started my vlog there and soon it started raining, hallelujah..

lennythroughparadise in burnham park bagui city philippines when it's raining
Smiling but it's raining.

BenCab museum

We decided upon the BenCab Museum, I mean Melody promised there would be erotic art as well, so I thought it should make a good stop for our little day trip.

We got a cab for the day for 1000 PHP (20 USD). Melody said it was necessary cause otherwise we wouldn't be able to get a taxi back to the city centre. The cab would be waiting for us all around.

The museum was filled with very interesting Filipino art. To me Filipino art is always so out there: crazy, interesting, trippy, inexplicable… That is how I would describe the contemporary Filipino art by its local artists.

lennythroughparadise posing in the bencab museum baguio city philippines in front of an artwork

There was only one solitary room full of erotica art, but it was cool. Enjoy the images below, there were some interesting pieces there…

Lennythroughparadise in the bencab museum baguio city philippines at the erotica room, looking at a crooked and a straight penis
Lennythroughparadise in the bencab museum baguio city philippines at the erotica room, sticking his head in a giant pussy
I was just looking what's in there..
Lennythroughparadise in the bencab museum baguio city philippines at the erotica room, staring at a painting of a naked woman, or a couple making love
It was the top one I was mesmerized by...
Lennythroughparadise in the bencab museum baguio city philippines at the erotica room, smiling at a painting of a naked filipina woman


It was still raining and it would do just that for the rest of the full day, but the next stop would be the Tam-Awan village. It was mostly outdoors so we were gone quickly, but we did view some very interesting little houses were the Baguio natives used to live in. I was amazed with how small some of them are.

lennythroughparadise is amazed about how small this house is where the filipino tribes in baguio city lived

Too bad it was raining though. The Tam-Awan village is a fascinating exhibition that showcases how the native tribes in Baguio used to live, with some beautifully special art collections displayed as well scattered around the site. This should be worth a visit even though it was raining, I'd still recommend this one.

lenny through paradise amazed with beautiful filipino art in tam-awan village baguio city

We were still hopeful about the rest of our Baguio trip. Two more days to explore Baguio City's many sights and activities. There are really a lot of things to do in the Philippines' coldest city. Click here to watch the vlog about this day.

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