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Hulugan Falls In Laguna Province

LennyThroughParadise: 2017-05-05 15:18:39

Hulugan Falls

Well, after I returned from the Pagsanjan waterfall experience, Melody was back at the hotel, and the madness was gone. We were cool again and I got to know that Melody actually went to a different waterfall: the Hulugan Falls.

Hulugan falls waterfall laguna philippines

Yes, we decided to visit that waterfall the next day, and I made another vlog about it.

Negociating with tricyle drivers

After some negotiating, we found a tricycle driver who would take us there for a reasonable price. I feel that sometimes public transportation drivers have the tendency to ask for higher prices since I'm a white guy. But no worries, there is a great mix and not all drivers are the same.

Negociating price with tricycle driver in the philippines
done Negociating price with tricycle driver in the philippines
It took some time before Melody found one that would take us there for a fair price.

Guide is a must

When we arrived near the Hulugan Falls it was mandatory that we got assigned a guide, which is something I sometimes don't really like. With a lot of hikes, I feel I can get around on my own. Also I don't like when somebody else takes the lead, as it sometimes feels pressuring to me.

lennythroughparadise got assigned a tourguide before we went down towards the hulugan falls
The fact that a guide is mandatory is sometimes annoying to me.

It was in fact quite a climb down. It was rocky and steep, and I understand that for safety, some people might feel an experienced guide is a must.

a steep climb down towards the hulugan falls
A steep climb down.

Fantastic swimming water

Again it was some climb down, but finally when you're down; the Hulugan Falls are quite beautiful and you can have a nice refreshing swim in fantastic swimming water.

one plunge and you can swim in fantastic water at hulugan falls
Take a plunge in the wonderful swimming water.

It was quite, peaceful, and beautiful. And we had a nice hide out spot in some kind of cave. Again you would have to go to Hulugan Falls yourself to see the worth of it, but I can say to you know: for the Laguna falls, Hulugan is a must-visit waterfall.

Visit the vlog to see more about this 'Travel Through Paradise experience'.

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