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Pinto Art Museum In Antipolo (Rizal)

LennyThroughParadise: 2017-02-22 16:23:35

Enjoying Pinto Art Museum - Antipolo Trip Day 1

For our first real trip together we stayed in the really cute 'Date and Dine Resort', in Antipolo. Two days we took to make my first few vlogs, and to have some nice experiences that would've been needed to make this first blogpost (and the next one).

cute pictures of lenny through paradise
We had a good time at the Date and Dine Resort.

Pinto Art Museum

The first activity for our trip to Antipolo would be the Pinto Art Museum. I'm not always a fan of art museums but I sure did like this one! I thought it would be just some random museum but I can already say to you right here that it's definitely worth going to! Lots and lots of interesting and great art spread out over a real large area, and it isn't too crowded at all.

entrance of the pinto art museum
The cute and lovely Pinto Art Museum is built in Mediterranean architectural style.

Once you enter you'll immediately notice the calm and serene setting the museum is built upon. Lots of attention has been paid to the garden and being that the museum has six art galleries; the whole museum area is spacious and tranquil enough so you'll have sufficient time for your chill and more private moments.

take me to the garden of pinto art museum
Enough space and time for your more calm and serene moments.

Then the art itself. Well the museum is filled with artworks that are apparently made by local Filipino artists. Typical Filipino scenes will be displayed and mostly in a quite dramatic or mysterious way. I personally found lots of pieces quite interesting or even beautiful. In lots of artworks there was some type of inexplicability that fascinated me a lot.

beautiful filipino artwork in the pinto art museum
Some artworks were quite fascinating while being inexplicable.

In the end it was just a really nice, chill, and easy-going museum and definitely a huge recommendation for when you're in or nearby Antipolo. Would you like more information? An article has been written in the Destinations section for Antipolo: you can find the article right here.

girlfriend sitting in a gallery of pinto art museum
6 galleries and spacious gardens give you enough space and time to explore this great museum.

Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage

On the same day we went to the center of Antipolo where the 'Virgin of Antipolo' is located. This is a famous church in the Philippines called 'Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage'. It was filled with people and it indeed seemed to be a very popular church among the local people. Personally I thought it was a really nice church as well.

If you want to see some more information about this great church, you can click on this link, and it will lead to an article written in the Destinations section.

front of the Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage antipolo church
inside of the Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage antipolo church

Would you like to see my Antipolo Day 1 vlog? Click here.

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