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Burnham Till Mines View Park In Baguio (Benguet)

LennyThroughParadise: 2017-08-12 14:25:03

From Burnham To Mines View Park (Baguio)

As typhoon Gorio was leaving the Philippines, going over China somewhere, we experienced brief windows of dryness already in between the rain showers. We decided to start off the day in Baguio's beloved city park: Burnham Park.

Baguio city burnham park from above shot by drone footage
Still quite rainy and cloudy above Burnham Park.

Burnham Park

After one stroll around the park; I thought I've seen, as well as filmed enough. I think I shot some nice footage for the vlog; I recommend watching it. Also I've noticed there are really a lot of things to do in Burnham Park; which you can read more about in this article.

butterfly and rose bushes flowers in burnham park baguio city philippines
There are numerous flowerbeds in Baguio City and here I filmed a butterfly fluttering by.
Filipino skater boy doing a trick in burnham park baguio city philippines
He landed it.

After I finished filming some Filipino skater boys, we took a taxi to Mines View Park. Taxis are cheaper than in Metro Manila. Normally there are no taxi around outside Manila, so great that there are in Baguio and it's a great way to get around the city.

Mines View Park

Melody told me we were going to an observation deck overlooking the mountains. Well Mines View Park was very touristic; numerous souvenir stalls, horses that were painted pink to take pictures with, and all kinds of other touristic stuff. The observation deck itself even though it was misty, was filled with selfie takers and it was not all that great. So yes too touristic for my personal taste, but a great view over the Amburayan Valley.

lenny through paradise looking out over amburayan valley at Mines View Park observation deck in baguio city philippines
It was really quite too rainy to have a clear view through the valley.
filipinos waving at Mines View Park observation deck looking over amburayan valley in baguio city philippines
This is the little observation deck shot by my drone.

Even though there were too many people and it was misty; it was really an awesome view. I believe on a clear day one could really have a magnificent view over the mountains surrounding Baguio. I'm not sure which time or day; but try to find an off-time so you can have some personal space for your photo taking sessions. Cause aside from the big con I stated, it is an amazing view.

Melody somido filipina waving at valley Mines View Park baguio city philippines
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