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Chilling On Twin Rock Beach Virac (Catanduanes)

LennyThroughParadise: 2017-08-22 15:16:55

Catanduanes Day 1 (Part 1)

After the rainy trip in Baguio City, Philippines' coldest city, I felt it was really time for something quite more paradise-like. Catanduanes is an island on the east coast of the Philippines, and it has not yet been discovered so much yet. This was very refreshing for me and the first day on this island, I had the beautiful Twin Rock Beach all to myself.

Twin rock beach resort in catanduanes virac philippines
'My Twin Rock Beach' with a little drone there right in the middle.

I decided to change my day trip schedule: I should wake up extremely early in the morning so I can do my stuff before the sun is burning so aggressively on my skin. It turned out to be a good idea. The tricycle driver suggested I'd go to Twin Rock Beach so I just stepped in and let him take me there.

lenny through paradise in the philippines before stepping into a tricycle
Sunscreen was needed, on the face as well.

Onto Twin Rock Beach

After a nice tricycle ride through the province with its endearing local villages (I always like they tricycle rides), we arrived at Twin Rock Beach which turned out to be some sort of beach resort. I had to pay a 50 PHP (1 USD) entrance fee and the driver would wait for me at the entrance.

filipino tricycle driver in the province in catanduanes philippines
I always enjoy the tricycle rides going to various destinations within the province areas.

As I walked towards the beach I noticed that the resort seemed completely empty. It was very neat and well organized but it also seemed to have no happy campers in there. I was the only happy camper, as I noticed the beach was completely empty as well. I stepped on it and basically had a wonderful three hours of quite and peaceful time, and a perfectly well-kept Philippine beach all to myself. I've been to too many attractions that had just too many tourists; and this was just the complete opposite of what I was used to. I had such an amazing time all alone up there, and got completely relaxed.

lenny through paradise walking over twin rock beach in catanduanes philippines
lennythroughparadise smiling and laughing on twin rock beach in catanduanes philippines
Great times, even alone, here at Twin Rock Beach.

I think Catanduanes has not been discovered yet by the mainstream tourist scene, and I found this island completely relaxed and easy-going thus far. Also Twin Rock Beach Resort I would completely recommend as it was so neat, quite, and probably very good value for your money.

Twin rock beach resort from above as taken by drone shots in catanduanes philippines
Twin rock beach resort from above as taken by drone shots in catanduanes philippines
Twin rock beach resort from above as taken by drone shots in catanduanes philippines

I highly advise watching my vlog for a more up-close look over the shoulder, as I was experiencing the complete serenity of Twin Rock Beach, that inspired me so much.

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