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Discover Twin Rock Beach Resort in Virac, Catanduanes: A Paradise Unveiled

Experience serenity and adventure at Twin Rock Beach Resort, Catanduanes: your gateway to pristine beaches and exciting activities.

Discover the serene Twin Rock Beach in Catanduanes, a hidden paradise near Virac City. Enjoy its pristine sands, tranquil waters, and ample space for personal retreats, even during the high season. A must-visit for beach lovers seeking peace and natural beauty...

Twin Rock Beach Resort in Catanduanes Philippines drone image

Twin Rock Beach Resort

Twin Rock Beach is really part of a resort called Twin Rock Beach Resort. This little retreat, located about 9 km of Virac City (capital city of Catanduanes), might be a good choice for your stay on the island anyway, as it is neatly kept and has great offerings of different rooms and amenities/activities. Some of the activities offered are zip-lining, rock climbing, and rappelling. The resort also has a great pool and affordable offerings of drinks and food.

Twin rock beach resort seen from high above drone picture in catanduanes philippines
Twin Rock Beach Resort seen from high above.

If you rather stay in Virac City, the best choice by far is the Midtown Inn. At the moment of writing this central located hotel has an excellent rating of 8.6 on Agoda, I've stayed in it myself and I can say it is really great value.

Wherever you decide to stay; Twin Rock Beach is accessible for everybody but non-guests have to pay a small entrance fee of 50 PHP (0.94 USD) to get in. This is a very small price to pay for what you get back because the beach is absolutely phenomenal to spend the day at. When I was there I was literally the only one there so I had the whole Twin Rock Beach for myself. There are open cottages for rent at the beach (300 PHP) but there is enough shade and space underneath the palm trees as well.

Twin rock beach resort in catanduanes philippines

The Tranquility of Twin Rock Beach

Twin Rock Beach offers the perfect balance between sun-drenched areas and pleasant, shady spots to relax and lounge. The resort itself boasts a charming bar and restaurant overlooking the beach, but you may find the finest refuge beneath one of the palm trees. From there, you'll have the perfect view of the beach and the ocean—a scene straight out of a commercial.

twin rock beach and palm trees in catanduanes philippines

I could continue detailing how tranquil and wonderful Twin Rock Beach is, but rather than just taking my word for it, seeing some photographs—or better yet, experiencing it in person—will provide the best impression of how delightful this little beach truly is. For now, here is some more photos to enjoy, but read on!

Twin rock beach resort in catanduanes philippines
lenny through paradise at twin rock beach in catanduanes philippines
lennythroughparadise at twin rock beach in catanduanes philippines

Twin Rock Beach: A Perfect Place to Relax

Twin Rock Beach really is the perfect beach to relax and come to your senses. As you can see on the photos, it's hidden in between two rock formations which makes the water calm and tranquil. Quite a nice place to swim and when it's low tide; ideal for children too.

rock formations at twin rock beach in catanduanes philippines

The beach is called Twin Rock because, as you may have seen on the photos, it's located nearby two rock structures that are right next to each other. They hide a few caves facing the sea. During low tide you may decide to go up there and take a look, so you can feel like you have even more exclusivity to these fantastic natural sceneries than you already have at Twin Rock Beach itself.

rock formations at twin rock beach in catanduanes philippines
During low tide, the rock formations are accessible.

All in all Twin Rock Beach with its beautiful rock formations makes for a great day out at the beach. Book a room at Twin Rock Beach Resort, or just pay the small entrance fee of 50 PHP to enjoy this great example of Catanduanes' paradise like beaches and rocky coastlines.

twin rock beach resort in catanduanes philippines aerial view

Check out Twin Rock Beach Resort right now!

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