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Discover the Cavinti Falls (Pagsanjan Falls) in Laguna, Philippines

Embark on a journey to the heart of Laguna with a visit to the enchanting Cavinti Falls, also known as Pagsanjan Falls. Experience the thrill of venturing not just to, but into, one of the Philippines' most captivating natural wonders.

Prepare for an exhilarating adventure to Cavinti Falls, aka Pagsanjan Falls, one of Laguna's most breathtaking waterfalls. Whether you seek the thrill of adventure or the serenity of nature's embrace, this journey into the heart of Cavinti promises unforgettable moments beneath its powerful cascade...

the pagsanjan waterfall in laguna province philippines

You would normally think that you would have to take a plane or a ship to see these hidden gems of nature. Just a few hours' drive or commute from Manila brings you to the spectacular Cavinti Falls, which you might also hear referred to as Pagsanjan Falls. This dual nomenclature reflects the deep cultural and historical significance of the site, embraced by locals and visitors alike.

canoe ride towards pagsanjan falls in laguna philippines
Enjoy the ride as these boatmen will take you to the Pagsanjan Falls.

It is located in Cavinti, an adjacent town to Pagsanjan. You may rent a “banca” or a small boat that will take you to the falls or “shoot the rapids”. You will be amazed as well how skilled the boatmen are. You’ll be fascinated to see how they manage to move the boat in very small spaces in between rocks and pull it up on stair-like formations at the river on the way to the falls.

Also, the natural sceneries and picturesque local villages you will encounter will take your breath away, and warm your heart. Highly recommended when you're anywhere near Cavinti or just anywhere around Laguna.

skillful boatmen pulling a boat in cavinti pagsanjan falls laguna philippines
skillful boatmen pulling a boat in cavinti pagsanjan falls laguna philippines
The very skillful boatman will give you quite the performance..

Finally, you will arrive at the falls and you will see and feel the strength of it. Then you see these wooden rafts lying around and the boatmen will offer you to step onto it, they will want to take you closer to the waterfall! Of course, you oblige and then get excited: you're about the enter the 'Devil's Cave'...

the pagsanjan falls waterfall with wooden rafts in laguna philippines
Wooden rafts will take you behind the Pagsanjan Falls.

Pulling a rope, they will let you float towards the fall. Then you'll able to go behind it, under it, through it, whatever you please! Experience the force of nature and let them pull you through the falls, or just take a refreshing swim followed by a forceful natural shower!

The pagsanjan falls waterfall behind wooden rafts tourists laguna travel philippines
lenny through paradise enjoying being under a waterfall pagsanjan falls laguna philippines
Enjoy the excitement of your strong, forceful natural shower.

If you're in Laguna to visit some waterfalls; Pagsanjan Falls should be on your list.

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