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Mines View Park - Baguio (Benguet)

Stunning views over an old gold and coppermine.

With a stunning view over the Cordillera mountain range; Mines View Park has to be Baguio's most beloved scenic viewpoint...

view over the amburayan valley at Mines View Park in baguio city philippines

Just 4 km from the Baguio city centre, you can find one of Benguet's most visited scenic viewpoints. Mines View Park provides some stunning views over the Amburayan Valley, and has with that a lot of touristic as well as historic value. Back in the early 1900s, Baguio had a flourishing mining industry. These abandoned gold and copper mines, located in the mining town of Itogon, are now sitting still and are what you'd look out on from an observation deck present at Mines View Park.

observation deck at Mines View Park in baguio philippines
people waving from Mines View Park observation deck
The observation deck is really the highlight of the park.

The observation deck really is Mines View Park main feature. Surely, many tourists stop by at this scenic viewpoint, often times before or after visiting the nearby 'The Mansion' and Wright Park attractions. Due to its ever increasing popularity, at times it might get rather busy at Mines View Park and especially on its observation deck. There are certainly other things that could keep you busy up there like horse riding (on colorful, painted horses), or taking pictures with the park's mascot: the St. Bernard dog named Doglas. You could also choose to dress up in full and authentic Cordillera regalia; with a bahag (type of garment), shield, and spear for the men and tapis for the women. Both wear vests and headdresses as well.

filipino kids in cordillera regalia at Mines View Park in baguio city philippines
Kids and adults can dress up in original Cordillera regalia.

A another great feature of the Mines View Park is the souvenir shopping. There are stalls where you can buy certain jams, peanuts, and other goodies. Also many different types of plants are available for purchase, as well as native handcrafted products such as wood carvings and jewelry. Street vendors are also present at the entrance of the park, as well as canteens and snack stores selling food and beverages.

entrance of Mines View Park in baguio city philippines
Enough going on at the entrance of Mines View Park.

Throughout the park, professional photographers are oftentimes available to take some stunning photos from visitors dressed in Cordillera outfits, with the valley in the background. The Amburayan valley is what the observation deck does look out on, put can oftentimes be rather misty. In any case, memorable pictures can always be taken at Mines View Park; and it feels good being able to say you've been on Baguio's most popular scenic viewpoint.

filipino girl waving at Mines View Park in baguio city philippines