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Exploring the Mystical Cave in Antipolo: A Journey Through History and Miracles

Discover the Mystical Cave in Antipolo: where nature's wonders and miraculous tales merge in a must-visit destination.

It's no secret that the Filipino people are strong believers in miracles, and the Mystical Cave near Antipolo is strong evidence of that. This 8 story wonder of nature was discovered by Inday Nelly Deles in 1970 and has since been maintained by her...

mystical cave tourists on stairs

Inday Nelly Deles's Dream-Led Discovery of the Mystical Cave

Inday Nelly Deles discovered the Mystical Cave in 1970. It's been said that when she was 7 years old, she had dreams and visions about this cave. Being from Ilo-Ilo orifginally, she travelled around the country to find the cave that she has been dreaming about. Then, she reached Antipolo, and finally found the cave. Initially the hole of the cave was the size of a coin. Gelignite was used (explosive material) to form a passable entrance through the cave. Since then, the Mystical Cave in Antipolo also has been called 'Nelly's Mystical Cave'.

Mystical cave entrance
The entrance of the Mystical Cave.

Inside the Mystical Cave: Enigmatic Rock Formations and Sacred Figures

It will take almost 200 stair steps before reaching the entrance of the cave but once you enter, you'll be mesmerized. The cave is eight storeys deep and the tour guide will show you the mysterious rock formations that resemble holy figures like Jesus Christ, Black Nazarene, Virgin Mary, and many more. The rock formations are quite spectacular and their crystals sparkle beautifully when the guide's flashlight shines over them.

inside Mystical cave Antipolo
Be in awe and explore the 8 storeys of the Mystical Cave.

Alive with Mystery: Stalactites, Stalagmites, and Sacred Resemblances in the Mystical Cave

It's also been said that the rocks inside the mystical cave are alive. The rocks drip water from the ceiling and become stalactites and stalagmites, basically forming new rocks through their drippings. Even though there is a good scientific explanation about the rock formations, it is still a question why they resemble holy figures. Randomness? Imagination? Filipinos beg to differ...

holy figures and scenes inside mystical cave
Be amazed about all the holy figures and scenes visible in the cave.
mystical cave stalactites and stalagmites
Be in wonderment about the beauty of the stalactites and stalagmites.

Beyond Exploration: Embracing the Spirit and Splendor of the Mystical Cave

In wrapping up your journey to the Mystical Cave, it's worth noting that this natural marvel doesn't just captivate with its spiritual ambiance and geological wonders. The area surrounding the cave offers a serene retreat into nature, providing a perfect backdrop for reflection or a tranquil picnic after your exploration. For those planning a visit, remember to wear comfortable footwear as the trek can be quite an adventure in itself. Additionally, bringing a water bottle will keep you hydrated throughout the journey.

Someone wearing comfortable footwear in the Mystical Cave in Antipolo, Philippines

The Mystical Cave isn't just a journey through captivating rock formations; it's an invitation to connect with the earth's natural beauty and the profound stories it holds. Make sure to capture these moments, as photos are allowed, but remember to respect the sacredness of the site. Your visit to the Mystical Cave is more than just an exploration; it's a pilgrimage into the heart of Philippine spirituality and natural splendor.

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