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Ultimate Guide to Magpupungko Beach and Rock Pools, Siargao: Tips, Costs, and What to Expect

Discover the serene beauty of Siargao's Magpupungko Beach: pristine white sands, mesmerizing tidal rock pools visible at low tide, and breathtaking rock formations. A must-visit for an unforgettable adventure.

Explore the enchanting Magpupungko Beach and Rock Pools in Siargao, a highlight among the island's natural wonders. Known for its crystal-clear tidal pools and scenic rock formations, this spot offers an unforgettable experience at the heart of Surigao Del Norte...

Magpupungko Beach and rock pools in siargao island

Journey to Magpupungko Beach: The Adventure Begins

Just a 45-minute drive from General Luna; smooth roads will lead you over the island's breathtaking surface, towards certainly the most worthwhile natural attraction there is to do on Siargao Island. Magpupungko boasts a beautiful white sand beach overlooking a stunning ocean with big waves crashing onto the rocks at a far distance.

magpupungko beach in siargao island philippines

There's a chill atmosphere at the beach, and it's a good time to relax after an adventurous experience at the rock pools and cliff diving spots. Cause apart from a perfect beach; Magpupungko is most famous for its tidal rock pools.

sign for clean magpupungko beach in siargao island
Siargao makes great effort to keep its beaches clean.

Entry Fees and Amenities: Planning Your Visit

Magpupungko Beach and the tidal pools are just 50 PHP (1 USD) to enter, and parking is 20 PHP for a motorcycle, and 50 PHP for a four-wheeler. Right as you enter many stalls will be available right at the entrance, the beach itself is free from stalls and vendors. These stalls will serve many local-style dishes and many other foods and drinks, very convenient.

stalls and vendors at magpupungko beach and rock pools in siargao
More than enough stalls to fulfill your needs, conveniently located right near the entrance.
people at magpupungko beach and rock pools in siargao island
Right after the strip of stall you can see the rock pools already in the back and the trail leading up to it.

Understanding Tidal Rock Pools: Best Time to Visit

The rock pools are tidal pools, which means they are only visible (and accessible) during low tide since they are submerged during high tide. Make sure you check the tidal times before you visit Magpupungko Beach, since the rock pools will be closed during high tide.

people amusing themselves at magpupungko rock pools and cliff jumping in siargao island

Navigating the Rock Pools: Safety and Discovery

During low tide, the Magpupungko Rock Pools are accessible via a trail of rocks through the water. It is advisable to wear high-friction footwear for walking over those mossy, slippery rocks. After that, you'll arrive in a vast area with angel-deep waters, with the rock pools nestling playfully surrounded by huge rocks.

people walking over a trail towards the magpupungko rock pools in siargao island
Follow the trail towards the rock pools walking over big stones in the water.

Swimming and Cliff Jumping: Enjoying Magpupungko's Natural Pools

The tidal rock pools themselves make for an excellent swimming opportunity and amuse young and old. The turquoise waters of the pools are crystal clear and you can even see far, and right through them to a level that you can see fishes swimming. Surrounding the natural pool area, are big rocks where you'll see the people climb on routinely to find a spot to cliff jump from. Everybody gets to have some fun inside the rock pool area.

people enjoying themselves at magpupungko rock pools and cliff jumping

Beyond the Thrills: Peaceful Moments at Magpupungko

If you're not that into the whole cliff-jumping thing, there are more natural pools and areas of shallow water further back. Maybe here you can find time to relax and enjoy the sight of the huge rock that sits on top of a flat surface stone not far after the Magpupungko Rock Pools. This big boulder is famous and might even have inspired people to give Magpupungko Beach the name it has: in the Surigaonon dialect, "pungko" means "to sit", or "to squat".

big rock formation at magpupungko rock pools in siargao island
Take pictures of the big boulder resting on top of a flat stone surface while admiring all the beautiful rock formations around.

These are the three things the Magpupungko attraction gets its popularity from. The beautiful white sand beach, the gorgeous and amusing tidal rock pools, and the stunning rock formation that give Magpupungko its unique character.

big rock formation at magpupungko rock pools in siargao

Embracing the Crowd: The Shared Experience of Magpupungko

During low tide, when the rock pools are accessible, many people will flock to this attraction but there is space and there are stalls enough, to host and serve everybody. The body of water surrounding the rock pools is large enough so you can find your time and space to enjoy the breathtaking sights of the rock formations, and the big waves crashing onto the rocks and shoreline. So even though at times this attraction can get pretty crowded, it might be just worth it to fill your day with this one; and it might actually become a pleasant overload of breathtaking natural wonders you've never experienced before!

people enjoying at magpupungko tidal rock pools
people enjoying at magpupungko tidal rock pools in siargao philippines
people enjoying at magpupungko tidal rock pools at siargao island
Many people still enjoying in the later hours right before the high tides starts to set in again.

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